Kvalheim Fritidsenter AS has applied to expand the area that the company owns at Kvalheimsneset. We have applied for and have now been granted permission to build 25 new holiday homes. Both existing houses, rorbu and rorbu apartments and new cabins can be owned by others a Kvalheim Fritidsenter AS.

To raise capital for further development, we have decided to start selling 2-3 of the existing units. New owners of existing units can rent their unit through Kvalheim Fritidsenter AS. It is optional if you want to rent out all or part of the year, or if you want to rent out at all.

Next year there will be some uncertainty about how many units will be leased. It depends on whether new owners want to rent only part of the year or all year.

Existing units to be sold will be put up for sale in April 2020. The scope of leases for 2021 is expected to be clarified during the summer of 2020.

New holiday homes are likely to be completed in the spring of 2022. Then rental capacity is expected to be increased.

We will keep you updated with email info in the months ahead.

If you have any questions, please contact the Chairman

Atle Sundal

Mob: 950 87 299




Kvalheim Fritidsenter AS

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