Boats for rent

Our boat park offers something for everyone! No matter if you have a lot of experience with boats, you will find something that suits your needs. We have boats from 16 to 21 feet and from 9.9 hp to 100 hp. All prices are included Norwegian VAT (VAT).

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18.3 feet with 9.9 hp or 25 hp, 40 hp or 50 hp

Tobias boat is a very seaworthy boat suitable for fishing. Max 5 persons. For fishing, we do not recommend more than 4 people in the boat. Self draining.


9,9 hk

  • Per day: 470,-
  • Per week: 3 300,-

25 hk

  • Per day: 642,-
  • Per week: 4 500,-

40 hk

  • Per day: 700,-
  • Per week: 4 900,-

50 hk

  • Per day: 857,-
  • Per week: 6 000,-

18,3 foot with 50 hp (4-stroke)

This is the boat before the devoted fishermen who are a bit more seaweed. With this boat you can easily reach fishing spots that are a little further away. The boat is very seaworthy and suitable for fishing. Stable railing makes it easy to mount broomholes (not including). Max 6 persons but by fishing we do not recommend more than 5 people in the boat. Electric starter, echo sounder, GPS and steering pulp. Self draining.

  • Price per day: 857,-
  • Price per week: 6000, –

Quicksilver 630 with 100 hp (4-stroke)

If you do not want to drive the boat yourself, but will be able to cheer you 100% on the fishing, there is the possibility of renting a boat with a skipper. The boat has a fixed broomholder and a small cabin. Let’s take you to the great fishing spots or other excursions a bit further afield.

  • Price per day: 1128,-
  • Price per week: 7900, –


Hjeltefjorden is famous for its many fish species. Here swim catfish, ling, cod, anglerfish, pollock, haddock, mackerel and much more! On the seabed there are large amounts of shellfish and shells. A paradise for fishermen as well as diving enthusiasts!

For those who do not want to go by boat, we have great fishing opportunities from our pier. This is especially suitable for some smaller children who may not want to fish for such a long time.

Here is an excerpt from our fishing pictures: